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Monday, April 16, 2012

How To: Rihanna Red Hair

Hey girls!!
 So I have been wanting to update my blog for sometime now, but I could never think of something good enough to write about. But today, I think I have something that you girls might want to read about! If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram (all linked at the end of this post) you most likely have seen my photos and video. My hair is red!! Now I'm not talking about a subtle tint of red, I'm talking full blown Jessica Rabbit or Rihanna red hair! I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out, so I decided to tell you all how I achieved it.

So I have been wanting to dye my hair red for quite a while. I've had my hair this color many times in the past, but it was always out of a box from the drugstore and I was never quite pleased with the way it turned out. I figured that I should start doing my homework to see how I could get my hair more red and how to make it last longer. I read blogs, watched YouTube videos, everything! Finally I came up with the perfect plan on how I was going to dye my hair.

Here's what you're going to need:
(everything I'm using, I purchased from Sally's Beauty Supplies)

  • L'Oreal HiColor HiLights for Dark Hair Only in the shade "red" $6.00 (2)

  • Any type of 30 volume developer. Mine was also from L'Oreal. $6.00

  • A mixing bowl and tinting brush. About $5.00

  • Some type of hair dying gloves. Mine was by the brand Graham Professional. About $4.00

  • Riveting Red's color depositing shampoo and conditioner. About $7.00 

  • Lastly, Beyond The Zone hair color in "wild red" (I purchased this for touch-up's when my red starts to fade. I DID NOT use this while coloring my hair for the first time.)



  • You want to make sure that you HAVE NOT washed your hair in at least 24 hours.
  • You want your hair to be free of any and all products. (hairspray, mousse, leave-in treatment, ect.)
  • You want to cover your hairline, ears, neck, and anywhere else in those areas you think you might accidentally get hair dye with either vaseline or conditioner. This will make sure that the dye doesn't stain your skin and you don't look like you have blood all over you. (LOL)
Mixing the Color and Developer:

  • You want to mix one part color (1.2 oz) and two parts developer (2.4 oz). Yes measuring is important! Trust me, I had a hard time measuring the developer. 
  • Make sure you mix it very well! You don't want there to be any chunks in there. I mixed mine with a fork for about a minute and a half, but you can also use a mini whisk. (they can be purchased at Sally's for about $3.00)
Once you've mixed the color you're ready to apply!

Applying the Hair Color:

  • Make sure you have applied your gloves!
  • Start at the ends of your hair and work your way up to the roots. Your roots are virgin hair, so they'll take to the color faster, and appear more vibrant. 
  • Make sure your whole head is covered!! You don't want to miss any spots and have red and brown splotchy hair! I actually had my mother help me with the backside, just to ensure that I didn't miss anything.
  • Let the color set for 30 minutes to an hour. I let mine set for an hour because I have darker hair.
  • Once your time is up, rinse hair with cold water. Avoid shampooing.
  • You can apply a conditioning mask afterwards if you would like, but that's totally optional. I didn't.
  • Avoid blow drying your hair to prevent any damage.

And there you have it!!! Rihanna red hair!

Here's how mine turned out: 


Tips To Keeping Your Hair Vibrant and To Prevent Fading:

  • DO NOT wash your hair every day!!
  • Make sure you use a cool/cold water temperature when washing.
  • Use a color depositing shampoo and conditioner to refresh your color.

I really hope this helped everyone! If you have any hesitations DO NOT do this by yourself. Go to a professional. I don't want any of you to permanently damage your hair! Please feel free to comment down below, tweet me, or message me on YouTube or Facebook if you have ANY questions! 

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  1. i have been searching for 2 months for a vid on this specific color. and yours was not only the best, it was the only one i found. thank you!

  2. Its been over a year since I wanted to dye my hair red. I think I'm really going to try this, yay! Thanks for the instructions and tips!

  3. I, too, have checked out a bunch of videos on this subject and yours TOPS THEM ALL! Keep up the great work and btw I LOVE your red hair. I'm going for the plunge today and heading out to Sally's to purchase what I need! I'll let you know how it goes!

  4. Well, I left my color on for 65 mins and it is still wet yet cuz I am letting it air dry. So far it only looks red on top to me...booo...I wanted it to turn ur color. I'll take a pic later sometime. I am soooo pissed cuz I spent $40 on everything I bought and will see. Damn it. Sorry...I'm disappointed.

  5. Well...Now my hair is growing on first I thought the dye did not take on the length of my hair, but now I see that it did and I absolutely love it! It looks like a deep deep dark blood red. You can see the "red" more so on the top of my's more predominate there I think. However, it all blends nicely tho. I bought the shampoo/conditioner for reds you said to buy and I also bought the Ion Color Defense After Color Sealer and some Ion skin dye remover which worked great getting that dye off my skin! It even helped get it off my sink area!

  6. I finally find a post about dark to bright red hair and actually explains everything. thanks!

  7. If I don't repeat the prosses will my hair still be that shade of red && will blow drying damage it because I was planing on straightining my hair afterwards

  8. I dyed my hair. but it didn't come out. some parts of my hair are red and other parts are black. I already tried 2 times dyeing my hair and still nothing. what should I do?

    1. U have to bleach ur hair if u have it or had it black... i did and my hair came out perfect '')

  9. I REALLY want to try this, but I have really long hair so I'm afraid it's gonna be expensive.

    1. Not at all expensive! I just bought the developer and 3 boxes of the red, the bowls and mixing brush for about $30 at Sally's!

  10. Just tried this earlier using the same products you suggested and it turned out GREAT. I have very very naturally dark hair, and only did the one application, as opposed to the 2 applications you did, and the red color still came out very vibrant and bright. By the way, an easier way to measure the developer was to convert the ounces to tablespoons. 2.4 ounces is about 4.8 tablespoons- much easier to measure. Also want to caution everyone to make sure you spread the dye out evenly through your hair, so it's not spotted red and brown. I had a hard time with it, but it turned out amazing!

  11. How often should I use the Hilites hair dye to redye my hair? I do use manic panic but its not the same red as when I use th hi lites. Can I use it every other month and manic panic in between?

  12. I honestly need help. I bought the same exact stuff as you. I'm Chinese, so my hair is naturally black. I did two test runs already, and I'm stuck, because the red didn't even show up AT ALL. I really like to avoid bleach, so do I just leave it in longer? First one I left it in for 30 minutes, then the second one I left for 1 hour. The 1 hour one was just tinged red; can't see the red only if I'm in light. Should I just leave it in longer? :/

    1. With your hair being darker you probably need to use 40Vol developer instead of 30 for more lifting out of your natural black color

  13. developer is almost equivalent to bleach i guess. but can i try coloring my hair with different type of color. lets say L'Oreal cream gloss or garnier color naturals? hicolor highlights is not available here. i like to get highlights of plum or red (with good contrast). please reply.

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  16. It is the best video and best explanation for dying your hair in red! I'm going to try this and will see what happens))).

  17. Just did this last night and LOVE it. They were out of "RED" color, so I used "MAGENTA" love it!!

  18. I have red box color in my hair. Will that affect the hair color if I do this?

  19. If i use two tubes of the l'oreal hicolor hilights for dark hair only how much creme developer should i use?

  20. Any tips if you are going to use a drugstore brand on which is the best to use for this color?

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