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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I reached 1,000 subscribers!!!!

I first just want to thank you all so much. I obviously couldn't have reached this goal without my lovely subscribers. You guys are truly amazing, and I can't thank you enough. I will be doing a giveaway with some (if I don't say so myself) AMAZING PRIZES!! I don't want to tell you what they are until I post my video about it. I am seriously sitting here freaking out about this. I know there are people out there with waaaaay more subscribers than me, but I am truly content with my subscriber count.
I am going to continue to make videos for as long as I possibly can. Until I can no longer wear makeup because I'm too wrinkly! So I hope you all enjoy my videos, because I'll be on here for a while.
Once again, thank you all for everything, and thank you all for being so amazing. I'll talk to you soon!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Finally Made A Blog!!!!

Hey girls!! So yes, I finally broke down and made a blog. This blog is going to go along with my YouTube, so maybe after a video, I'll have swatches or photos on here. Or maybe if I had an interesting day, I'll get on here and tell you guys all about it! I am defiantly going to be posting regularly, so don't forget to check back in here after every video, and sometimes even when I don't post a video. I'm really excited about this. I think it'll be an improvement to my YouTube. So let me know what you guys think!